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Who we are!

SoCal Shipping is a dynamic freight and automotive service company that focuses on helping you make your dream of owning a classic car or bike from the USA a reality.

Since SoCal Shipping is run by Swedes, you can contact us to communicate in either Swedish or English.

SoCal Shipping has been set up with making YOUR dream come true, in the easiest and cheapest way… Our business  is here to help you - whether you just need to ship an item to Sweden or you also need help with the appraisal and purchase.

Because SoCal Shipping is run by Swedes for Swedes, we have the experience and know-how to ensure your new purchase is conducted in the best way for you.

There are a number of pitfalls and traps for first-time buyers and experienced importers alike, and our expertise is to make the process smooth and cost-effective for you.

We make your dream a reality!

SoCal Shipping exports any and all types of vehicles, bikes, boats, etc. We are highly experienced in the importation process and our team and partners can provide expert advice on importing vehicles to Sweden.

With the global demand for US classic, muscle, and custom cars and bikes at an all time high, now is the best time to secure that car you’ve always wanted and get it home to Sweden.

Your Swedish partner in shipping
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